Blog update, Jekyll, and general Ruby heck

I decided I wanted to update the styling, etc. of this blog just as a way to continue learning about another tool (in this case Jekyll), and because I was bored. However, it seems like every time I go down this path I end up running into some kind of Ruby gems craziness that sends me down a Stackoverflow rabbit hole.

Dell XPS M1330 - Upgrade Complete!

A few weeks ago I decided to pull my Dell XPS M1330 down off of a shelf (where it had been sitting for years) and see if it might be worth giving it some TLC. My oldest daughter, somehow now in high school, has been taking classes specifically working with Microsoft Office (and mainly Word and PowerPoint). As we’re mostly an iHouse, and my kids themselves have gotten very comfortable using their Chromebooks, we don’t really have an outlet for her to use Microsoft Office on a native Windows computer. Upd to this point we had been making use of Office 365 web app functionality, as well as the Microsoft Office copy I have on my MacBook Pro, but we really wanted to align what she’s using at school with what she might want to work on to finish assignments at home.

100DaysOfCode, Day 2

Worked up through Comparison with the Strict Equality Operator on Free Code Camp’s Introducation to JavaScript curriculum yesterday, which is good progress especially considering I was down for most of the day not feeling that great. I’m about a day behind in my tweeting for #100DaysOfCode, but I just add a tweet whenever I think about it.

First Post

Getting a Blog Up and Running

Having thrown my hat into the ring for the #100DaysOfCode recently, I decided that I’d like to begin taking notes down in a blog to capture thoughts on what I’m accomplishing and learning along the way.